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 You are viewing accession No.: IG 137660
Passport information
Scientific name:Aegilops cylindrica
Country of origin:  Tajikistan
Biological status:Population
Sample type:Wild
Acquisition data:2003/10
Donor institute:ICARDA-COL
Availability for distribution:Available
Collecting information
Mission code:TJK03
Mission title:ICARDA mission
Country :  Tajikistan
Site Code:TJK03:5
Collectors:Ken Street - Zebuniso Muminshoeva - Farqhot Kosimov - Tosh Narzulloev - Nikolai Dzyubenko - Sergey Shuvalov - Ivan Ivanovich Maltsev - Jacob Lage
Collect Date:2003/08/13
Collector's number:43
Admin 1:Tadzhikistan Territories Region
Admin 2:Tavildara
Collecting site:Close to Yosgarn Village; 10 km from site 4 heading towards Childara.
Geographic information
Geo-coordinates:38.7406 , 70.3483
Habitat:Field margins and dividers
Aspect:South west
Slope:Undulating ( 3 - 8% )
Parental Rock:Alluvium
Soil Texture:
Soil depth: cm.
Soil salinity:
Soil pH: