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Passport information
Crop:Wild Triticum
Scientific name:Triticum monococcum subsp. boeoticum
Country of origin:  Armenia
Biological status:Population
Sample type:Wild
Acquisition data:2003/08
Donor institute:ICARDA-GRU
Availability for distribution:Available
Collecting information
Mission code:ARM03
Mission title:ICARDA mission
Country :  Armenia
Site Code:ARM03:48
Collectors:Isabella Arevshatyan - Nadezhda Chikidan - Grigoryan - A. Ismail - Vrezh Manakyan - Estella Nazarova - Natalya Rukhkyan
Collect Date:2003/07/20
Collector's number:209
Admin 1:Ararat Province
Admin 2:
Collecting site:Route M-2 to Urtsalanj; 3 km from Zangakatun
Geographic information
Geo-coordinates:39.8247 , 45.0008
Slope:Undulating ( 3 - 8% )
Parental Rock:Sand stone
Soil Texture:Stones, rockey
Soil depth: cm.
Soil salinity:
Soil pH: