International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas
Biodiversity and Integrated Gene Management - Genetic Resources Section
ICARDA net is a platform that is created to provide access to genetic resource information and other related technologies developed at ICARDA-GRS. The goal is to help researcher, breeder, and decision makers to find useful information to assess their objectives.

The platform hosts genetic resource section web site, which provides valuable information about plant genetic resources section at ICARDA, and detailed information about its content, in addition to a summary of all the core activities of the genebank.

The genebank online database enables users to search for accessions conserved at ICARDA's genebank using complex queries that involves: passport, environmental, and phenotypic criterion to find, select, and request interesting gene that meets their purposes wither it's for research or for development of new verities.

We also host global database crop registries on barley and forage, they were built to provide a comprehensive source of information for identifying more options for users, as well identifying duplicates in the global collections, those registries include ICARDA's material as well as other important genebanks from around the world.

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